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1.Salary: We offer highly competitive salary and elastic pay policy which match to you personal ability. According to your job performance to do annual performance appraisal and pay adjustment.
2.Attractive performance bonus: We have merit pay, performance bonuses, holiday welfare, recommended award, excellent team award, excellent employee award, Pearl Award, year-end bonus and so on.
3.Holiday treatment: We have endowment insurance, health insurance, employment injury insurance, unemployment insurance, maternity insurance, Paid annual vacation, maternity leave, paternity leave.
4.Staff Activity: Birthday Party, Reading activities, outdoor team building, travelling, hiking, ball games and so on.
5.Skills training: We have pre-job training, in-job training, management training and other professional Training to improve your professional skills and  job competition ability.
6.Office environment: Our company Located in downtown, work in High-level commercial office building with high quality office furniture and equipment, and has convenient traffic and living facilities.

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